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Linie Design Rugs ASKO MIXED 170 7'9"X5'7" Mixed Area Rug

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Product Overview
The Asko Area Rug by Linie Design is a handwoven, non-reversible area rug woven from high quality wool and cotton giving it a thick, matted texture. It is available in four color optionns, white, light grey, grey, and mixed with interwoven white and black yarn. Simply designed and masterfully woven, this area rug will add warmth and comfort to your space while not distracting or overwhelming. This is an indoor use only rug that does require our Prima Luxus rug pad for solid surfaces (item sold separately). Product care includes vacuuming and using mild soap with a damp towel.Linie Design is a Danish design company founded in 1980. We are the biggest developer and wholesaler of handmade rugs in Northern Europe. All rugs are designed by acknowledged Scandinavian designers and handmade by Indian master artisans. We are a company that highly values ethical and environmental responsibility in the production of our rugs, aiming to produce beautiful, high quality rugs while leaving the local environment safe and healthy and the local community stronger and more prosperous. Frequently asked Questions: Are deviations in sizes and colours to be expected? Yes, minor deviations (+/- 3 % in size) are normal because all rugs are handmade.Is it normal that the rug produces fluff? Balls of fluff may appear on the surface, especially on hand-tufted rugs. It will, howvere, stop after a couple of months.How do I clean the rug?1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a carpet sweeper2. Damp towel3. DrycleanersHow do I treat marks at viscose rugs? Go to your Drycleaners for steam cleaningAll materials used in our rugs are at highest quality and not hazardous to health.Linea Design Philosophy: The nature and purpose of businessFirst of all, beautiful things obsess us. Nordic roots define our design thinking. Quality and aesthetic simplicity are fundamentals for everything we do, and constantly we explore new materials, methods, patterns and ideas.We are nothing without our in-depth knowledge of weaving, materials and market. We work together with high-skilled production sites, some of the best Scandinavian designers and qualified dealers around the world. Together we create dynamic products followed by growth and success.Our vision is to fill homes all over the world with beauty. Therefore, our beautiful rugs are characterized by aesthetic charm, high quality and great functionality. Professionalism, honesty, unpretentiousness and customer focus are keywords of our business.Environmental Commitment To ensure environmental resposibility, we have worked out a ‘Product Environment Guideline’ in corporation with a consulting chemist. The purpose of the Product Environment Guideline is to ensure that products manufactured for Linie Design are produced according to local laws and regulations in the country of production, as well as laws and regulations in the EU, USA and Canada. All our products live up to the EU Directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances).Fair Business and Comunity Involvement CARE & FAIR is a worldwide industry initiative of the European carpet trade. As a member of the organisation, we help fight illegal child labour and improve the living conditions of carpet knotters and their families in India, Nepal and Pakistan.At present, CARE & FAIR supports 13 schools, 7 adult education centres and 6 day care centres in India. Since the middle of 2008 we have fully sponsored one of the schools – thereby named Linie Design School. We pay all running expenses to ensure, that more than 350 Indian pupils can go to school every day. This way we give the next generation a safer future.Furthermore, the Women Empowerment Program is part of the activities in CARE & FAIR. Since 2002 mothers and elder sisters of schoolchildren in some of the CARE & FAIR schools (including Linie Design School) have been given the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in reading, math and writing. In addition they are taught in sewing and stitching, so that they can produce things, sell them on the market or use them for their own families.Code of conductOur Code of Conduct expresses our attitude towards human rights, human safety and health as well as the local environment. It applies to all production sites – below you find an extract.Taking care of peoplePart of our Code of conduct says, that we will not do business with anyone using child labour. All children should be protected from economic exploitation. We want them to be educated and not exposed to anything, which can harm their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.Nor do we accept forced labour or any use of illegal restrictions. People need fair and clear contracts, and corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or any kind of abuse or humiliation of employees are of course not allowed.Among all our ethical standards, we also stress avoiding engagement in any kind of discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, race etc. People should be hired based on their working capabilities and skills.Taking care of people engaged in our production means securing a healthy working environment, too. Our Code of conduct dictates appropriate sanitary facilities, access to drinking water, and a constant focus on the workers’ safety.Taking care of environmentWe want the climate gasses to be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, we expect our production sites to produce according to environmental laws and in consideration to the local environment. Production waste must be handled in an environmentally good and safe manner, and discharge from production to the outer environment must be subject to controls.
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7 Ft. 9 In. X 5 Ft. 7 In.

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20 lbs